• Pressure switch that disconnects power through gfci load center in the event restricted water flow endangers the heater  
  • High temperature air vent removes unwanted air from element housing
  • Safe plastic design with heavy duty booting for use with pool filtration system
  • 5.5kw heating element providing 18,766 btu's per hour 


Above ground pools are going up all over America with the same result... The consumer goes to much trouble and expense to install and fill the new pool. Then the kids stick their toes in and utter the fateful words... "IT'S TOO COLD!!" People try solar covers and various other solar products, but unless they live in the desert, that pool is gonna stay "TOO COLD". Well, here's the answer!! --The WaveHeater for above ground pools is an electric swimming pool heater that takes care of business! With normal summer temperatures, the WaveHeater can safely and effectively keep your pool a comfortable temperature!!

Patent Pending  # 61679058

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